Organizing the Freezers

Did you ever have one of those ugly jobs that you just never seemed to get around to doing?  They loom over you and make your life more complicated, but you still don’t do anything about them.  Ugg.  I really don’t like it when I do that.  But I did it anyway.
This time, my ugly job was our freezers.  We buy a lot of things in bulk for the year, so we need a lot of freezer space.  We have 3, in fact.  We have an upright freezer, a chest freezer and the freezer that is part of our refrigerator.  I had let them get pretty disorganized — especially the meat and grain freezer.  I wasn’t even sure what was in there anymore.  It’s pretty hard to use it if you don’t even know it’s there.  They also needed to be defrosted — two years ago.  Sigh.  I never got around to doing anything about them because I secretly didn’t want to got busy with other things.
Recently, I grabbed myself by the neck and marched myself in there to clean, defrost and organize those freezers.  Prepare yourself.  I am about to show you some before pictures.  I don’t want you to have nightmares.
Before:  The upright freezer


Before:  The chest freezer — What!?!
I couldn’t find anything in there, so I just grabbed whatever was on top.


Behold, our Icelandic Adventure Cave.
If the freezer was a little bigger, I could have charged admission for Iceskating and Skiing.


The defrosting process took longer than I expected, but the results are fabulous.  I can find everything in seconds now, which greatly helps with meal planning.  Since I actually know what I have, I can plan our meals around our surplus.  Not only is it organized, it’s actually saving us grocery money since I’m not re-buying things that got lost in the dark depths of the ice cave.
If I was one of those cool bloggers who purchases matching wicker baskets to organize everything, my freezers would look more inviting.  But, hey, I wasn’t setting up an new sitting area.  It’s cold in there.  I just used boxes and bins we already had and printed up labels for them.  I don’t know how long my labels will hold up in that harsh, arctic environment, but so far so good.


AFTER:  Our refrigerator freezer — this holds things I use daily.


AFTER:  Our upright freezer — this holds all kinds of freezer items, like breads,  beans that I have cooked ahead and frozen, freezer meals, cheeses, fruits and veggies.  Our chest freezer looks pretty much like this, only it can’t really be labeled since you are looking down on the top of the box rather than the side.  It holds our meats and grains.

There you have it.  One ugly job done.  Now I’m on the prowl.  Ugly jobs, beware.

Do you ever have jobs that you need to do, but don’t?

Have a great day!!



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  1. Yes…it seems this is an ongoing part of life. Ugg. Actualy, I really enjoy the feeling of organizing something significant like that but I am having trouble just to have the energy to get my normal chores done. Seriously. Do you always have super energy? Do you ever get exausted?
    I have felt so hopeless about this subject latley. I can give some great effort and get most everything almost perfect. But of course it does not stay that way for more then a minute. But I am strugguling with managing so many little things consistantly. Does that make sense? Like, I was never taught how to manage the normal daily responsabilities. And now I have soooo much more on my plate.
    Lots of volunteer work, taking care of a house and three kids, barely taking care of myself begining homeschool this fall and starting a business.
    I have even realized that I have, since young, gotten very anxious about looming tasks. Is this normal? I feel like the only one freaking out. And it is so dumb. I just want to live in the moment. Be organized and do what I can. While not being hard on myself.
    I have talked to the Lord about this. And I have seen an improvement in how I handle the stress. But, I really want to get even better at this. Really really. Hope that makes sense. Love the blog.

  2. Oh Dawn!! This broke my heart when I read this. Yes, I have dealt with what your talking about and have a great deal of experience with it. 😛 I'd like to tell you what I did/am doing about it, but it's going to take much longer than I can do in a comment box. With your permission, I would like to dedicate a blog post (or two or three) to answering this. I think that many, many women feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the demands on our energy, and it would be beneficial if we covered this in a blog post format. Until then, I'm sending a cyber-hug and, more importantly, I'm praying for you.

  3. Wow. That sounds completely wonderful. Thank you so much. That is much more than I expected.
    Please, no rush!
    I am very excited to learn.
    And really, I don't just need this. I want to be an example to my kids in this area, so they don't have to struggle like I have.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

  4. Dawn, I have just started the new series. You can find it on the sidebar under "The Overwhelm Monster". I hope you are able to find some information in this series that will be a blessing to you and make things a little easier. Your heart to learn and grow is already a wonderful example to your children. They are blessed to have you!

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