5 Recipes for An Abundance of Apples…

What do you do when your Hubster brings home an abundance
of fresh, local, yummilicious apple goodness?
After you finish dancing your happy dance, you do this:
At one point, I had 3 crockpots of this stuff going, which I kept refilling as each batch finished.
It’s gonna be a good winter.
By the way, I only used about half the sugar called for in the recipe.  Actually, less than half.
I like to taste my fruit, not just my sugar.  Just add it to taste.


Oh, look!  The jars are starting to stack up.
Apple Cider Vinegar
made with peels, cores and leftover Apple Cider from making the Apple Butter:
This is just the peels adding up.  By the time I started the ACV, my enormous stockpot was full.
In a few months, I will have luscious, enzyme rich apple cider vinegar.
Nothing goes to waste around here.
(I’ll try to post a recipe soon and update.)



 And of course, Apple Pie.
Actually, 4 apple pies…
I make a variation of this amazing pie.


And I’m not even done yet.
Tomorrow, I plan to make more Cranberry Apple Jam and
use my dehydrator to dry some Apple Chips.
Have a great day!
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