Will You See 50 Shades of Grey?



I wasn’t going to talk about this.  I really wasn’t.  I hoped that sensible people wouldn’t even need to ask this question.

But then, I hoped sensible people wouldn’t read the books.  Instead, it made the top seller list.

Has the moral compass of our nation landed itself in the Bermuda Triangle?

Will we really plunk down our money to be sold the lie that what is dangerous and immoral is sexy and romantic?  I have no words.

Instead of addressing this issue myself, I will give you the perspective of two bloggers.  One is a man.  One is a woman.  Both bring some truth to the the issue of 50 Shades of Grey.

First, let’s look at the man’s perspective.  This comes from Black Sea Missions and is a very unique way to bring this movie out of the fantasy world and into the world we really live in.  Click the post title below to open a new window and read his thoughts.

50 Kinds of Wrong

Now for the woman’s perspective.  This is from Kristy’s Cottage.  She brings out the actual consequences of watching this film.  And there are real consequences.  This book and film are altering the way people behave.  Again, click the post title to read what she has to say.

Should Christian Women Watch Fifty Shades of Grey?

Please, please be careful about what you accept as normal or desirable.  Is this the kind of relationship you want for your daughters?  If not, then it isn’t acceptable fodder for you, either.  Don’t allow a slick hollywood film to mask evil for light.

Be wise,


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  1. Hello, my friend.

    THANK YOU for your post and the linked blogs as well.

    While this movie and book series is something that has honestly pushed me away (kind of like when you try to push the wrong ends of magnets together), I have been astonished at the way they've been embraced. I got an email from Sephora inviting me to a 50 Shades makeup event. Uh, NO! And I am disappointed that they would offer it.

    How different this series would be if (I understand that the male protagonist suffered abuse as a child) received emotional and spiritual healing for his damage…rather than completing the abuse cycle and perpetuating it on another. THAT would be a true victory.

    I have to say that I am always impressed–and sometimes astonished–when someone uses critical thinking skills and the Holy Spirit's guidance to reveal the rock-bottom truth about something….as the Black Sea blogger did. When they point out a truth that then seems so obvious that one wonders how on earth she hadn't seen that to begin with?

    Good for both the bloggers…..and you….for graciously and lovingly sharing the truth today.

    Bless you!

  2. I, like you, have been shocked at how mainstream these books and movie have become. I am utterly astonished that people who usually champion the equality and protection of women are actually promoting 50 Shades of Grey. It is talking out of both sides of the mouth, in my humble opinion.

    I felt that the bloggers I sited in my post said what was in my heart so much better than I could have. To say I am grieved just doesn't go far enough. They highlighted the issue with grace and wisdom. I was glad they were bold enough to post their thoughts. Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your thoughts, too.

  3. I will not, nor will I be reading. Our 16 year old daughter is appalled by how interested her friends are in this book. I used to read your regular "romance" type books, such as those written by Nora Roberts, and just skip over the "racy" parts. I'm married, I know what's going on, I don't need graphic detail! However, several years ago, I began to feel convicted about reading them, and I don't anymore. Honestly I've pretty much quit reading altogether, unless it's the Bible, or a non-fiction type book. Our daughter has to read a lot of books for her English class, and she is very often upset and disgusted by the content. It is very sad what is becoming the norm, and makes you wonder if anything at all will be off limits in 10 years……

  4. It can be disturbing, for sure. But I also see a growing segment of young people who are deciding they want something different. They are rejecting what society throws at them and going for a better, more wholesome life. Kudos to them!

  5. I must admit….when 50 Shades first came out in paperback EVERYONE I knew (well…almost everyone) was reading this book. Complimenting it and begging me to read it too. SO….I did. I bought the book. I read the book. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me NOT to read anymore. So, I didn't. I am embarrassed I let myself slip so easily into the temptation of slimy sin. God has forgiven me, cleansed me and I have forgiven myself. It was a good reminder to stick close to God's Word and thus be able to "see" the sin that masks itself as normal. If you don't keep yourself close to the Lord it is VERY easy to believe things like, "Yah, it's just a book" or "I would never do something like that…I'm just reading it. It won't effect me." Lies. All lies. I'm happy to be in the Truth and stronger for it. It was a lesson for me to learn. I wonder how many other Christian women will realize it too?

  6. Oh, Annette. Your story is exactly what I'm talking about. It all seems so innocent. It's just a book/movie and all kinds of normal people like it, right? So what could be so bad? Except that material like this exposes us, anesthetizes us and slowly acclimates us to things we would never, ever want to think on — that no Christian should be thinking on. We are instructed in the Bible about what our thoughts should be focused on, and 50 Shades certainly isn't it. God isn't trying to steal our fun. He is trying to protect us. He knows where our true happiness comes from and is trying to lead us to it. Thank God for the wisdom you had to see through all this and remove yourself from it. And thank you for your honesty and willingness to share your story. I know there are many, many women are in the same place you were and need to hear what you've shared. Bless you!

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