I am so glad you’re here!  My name is Angela Horton and I am the owner of Gallimaufry Grove.  I’ve been a homeschooling pastor’s wife ever since I’ve had a husband and kids.  I know what it is to struggle trying to get it all done.  At Gallimaufry Grove, I will help you create balance in your home and life.

Women wear a lot of hats these days, and trying to keep up with all the demands on your time can seem completely overwhelming.  At Gallimaufry Grove, you will find a haven from all the responsibilities — a place filled with tips & tricks to make it all work and someone who understands when you just need to take a nap.


The Horton Family

The Horton Family

As a mom of four kids, a homeschooler, a pastor’s wife and a blogger, I know what it means to be busy.  I know how it feels to have more work to do than hours to do it.  I know what it feels like have a sink full of dishes and nothing for dinner.  I’ve found ways to simplify and bring balance to an over-busy life, and you can, too.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a rest from all the demands and be inspired with fresh ideas to manage your home, train your children, juggle work and family, and even find ways to rejuvenate yourself.  At Gallimaufry Grove, you’ll find ideas for homeschool, scheduling, housework, DIY projects, recipes, healthy living and so much more.  Occasionally, I even write about life as a pastor’s wife.  You’ll find it all right here on Gallimaufry Grove.


It is my heart to help people get their homes and lives running more smoothly and joyfully.  So few people are taught how to manage a home these days.  We are inundated with responsibilities but never taught how to make it all work.  This blog is here to help smooth the way.

Gallimaufry Grove was born out of the Titus 2 Meetings I held for our ministry.  What is a Titus 2 Meeting, you ask?  In the Bible, Titus 2 instructs older women to teach younger women how be people of character who love and serve their families.  In my Titus 2 Meetings, I teach practical skills that help women be all they can be and have fun while they do.  And that’s exactly what I do here on Gallimaufry Grove.

Gallimaufry Grove is a glimpse into my life when I step off the ministry platform.  When I am done speaking and counseling, I still have to do the laundry, wash the dishes, teach my kids and hone my parenting skills.  I still have to juggle all the necessities of running a home and family.  And I help you juggle it all, too.

Here are some favorite posts to get you started:

My Bio

Angela Horton

Angela Horton

*I am parenting teenagers AND a child just starting school — all at once.

*I am a veteran homeschooler of over 15 years.  I have tried boxed curriculum, text-books, classical homeschooling, the Charlotte Mason Method and many other homeschool methods.  We have settled on an eclectic mix that blends all the best parts into a cohesive homeschool for my kids.

*I received my ministerial training at Rhema Bible College and have been in full-time ministry for over 20 years.  My husband and I started two successful churches from scratch and currently serve as senior pastors.  In connection with our ministry, I have counseled countless people in all kinds of situations over the years.

*I am not only a blogger and a speaker, but also a product reviewer and have written in other capacities.

I bring all this experience to you in every post.

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